William Morris magnetic needle Minder

William Morris magnetic needle Minder

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Never misplace or lose a needle again with this William Morris magnetic needle minder! Keep your needles within reach, this handy device securely attaches to your craft project, easily allowing you to access your needles.

Just pop it onto your fabric (at the front and the back) and the magnet will keep your needle secure and ready to be used.

Plus, it's so pretty! With an eye-catching, classic style featuring the timeless William Morris designs

Let the Magnetic Needle Minder help you take your projects to the next level!

Perfect for Embroidery, cross stitch work whilst watching TV, or on the move!

Equally works well by your sewing machine.

 A fabulous gift for crafters.

Each minder come in 2 parts, one for each side of the fabric. 

Approx. 5cm in diameter.


Processing time 7-10 days.