Men’s Liberty re usable Face Wipes

Men’s Liberty re usable Face Wipes

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Liberty Print re usable cotton bamboo towelling Face Wipes.

Made using sustainable fabrics, of 100% cotton, Tana Lawn on one side and ultra soft cotton bamboo towelling on the other side.

These made with a Navy towelling, so are a good gender neutral option.

What my customers say ;


‘Love these gorgeous handmade re usable wipes from KayeHTextiles. The cotton fabrics are lovely and the cotton bamboo towelling one the reverse is very soft. They wash very well, even when I’ve used them on waterproof mascara. I wish I’d discovered them sooner’


2 pack size options available
(5 or 7)

These make a perfect gift! Especially for Father’s Day, gift, and self care wellness gift for oneself!


Eco and sustainable.

I can send direct to your friends and family if you’re planning on treating someone in these difficult times.

I’ve been considering ways to reduce our single use plastic, one no brainier is to STOP using wipes.

After watching the BBCs recent #waronplastic it’s really inspired me to make careful decisions and considerations.
I guess most of us, at some time have fallen down the disposable Wipe trap!

So, to use up some of my precious Liberty Scraps and make a reusable product, I’ve make these little Make Up remover pads.
Made from Liberty Tana Lawn on one side and bamboo/cotton toweling on the reverse side.
Rectangular rather than the typical round shape, as this shape creates more waste!!!

-Simply use your choice of cleanser, makeup remover (or go completely natural and use a splodge of Coconut oil, yes it’s amazing, try it)
-Remove your makeup
-Rinse wipe under a warm tap, hand soap helps to remove stubborn stains.
-Pop into your colour machine washing’s cycle at 30/40 degrees
-Hang in the sun to dry


I’ve been testing them for months now, I’m converted. Never will I use a ‘plastic’ face wipe on my face again.

Each pack contains 5 (or 7 ) wipes in a random selection of Liberty prints, which typically feature florals or conversational prints in darker neutral colours

Measure Approx 8 x 8cm

I source all of my fabrics from the UK.

Thank you for looking.