Mummy and daughter Twinning Hair Accessories.

Mummy and daughter Twinning Hair Accessories.

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Mummy and daughter accessories perfect for Mother’s Day!
Twinning accessories are such a wonderful look, a little floral wanting to match her mum! This age doesn’t last for long, so seize the moment!

Pick from the selection below for a truly
coordinated look.

Knotted hair bands
Tie Top Elasticated Hair Band
Skinny Alice bands

A Bold Accessory to brighten any outfit. Leopard print, now being considered a neutral !

100% cotton,

Please note, The Alice bands will fit children (5 years plus) and most adults comfortably with a small to medium head size.

Top Knot- The internal Alice band is wide and flexible, which will not cling tightly to your head and cause a headache over time.

Alice band, are very soft and flexible

Elasticated Tie Top Head band, will for most head sizes and can be adjusted to size

1 Mummy Top Knot
2 Child Top Knot
3 Mummy Elasticated Tie Top
4 Child Elasticated Tie Top
5 Adult Scrunchie
6 Child Scrunchie
7 Skinny Alice Band
8 Skinny Alice Band with Tie
9 Bobble with Tie
10 Mask - see separate listing


Ideal for special occasions and general daywear.


I source all of my fabrics from the UK.

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