Re usable fabric Christmas crackers / wrap

Re usable fabric Christmas crackers / wrap

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Re usable Liberty Crackers/ wrap

Made in a selection of Liberty and William Morris Fabrics

Liberty and William Morris Re Usable Christmas Crackers. They also double up as re usable wrap. So, 2 fabulous options available here.

So much waste is created by traditional Christmas Crackers each year! A quick bang before the Big Meal, pointless plastic gifts and cheesy jokes.

These re usable crackers can be filled with small gifts selected by yourself, you can add you own jokes and messages if you wish.

These also make lovely alternatives to wrapping paper/ gift bags.
The fabric can also be used to wrap small gifts.

Roll the fabric around the card tube and Tie with the satin ribbons

Or wrap small gifts such as jewellery, small books. Tie with a longer length of ribbon of your own choice (not supplied - the ribbons from the crackers are not long enough)

The options are endless.

And they can be used year after year.

A perfect gift for lovers of Liberty fabrics and William Morris prints.

Fabrics available -

William Morris , Strawberry Thief Red
Liberty, Midnight Mischief red
Liberty, Wild Flowers
Liberty Wiltshire
William Morris Willow Boughs Green.

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